Pomegranate Christmas Trees



This is my favorite way to decorate all kinds of cakes at Christmas because it's easy and stunning!

Let me show you how:

As an optional first step for layer cakes, pipe a border on the top.

This design can be used on sheet cakes, layer cakes, and large cupcakes!

Press a pomegranate aril lightly into the buttercream towards the top of the cake.

This will be the top of the tree.

Next, place two arils side-by-side below the top aril to make a small triangle.

Continue adding rows of pomegranate arils until the tree is 6-7 rows tall.

Place a single aril in the center beneath the triangle to serve as the trunk.

You have your first pomegranate tree!

To make a pomegranate Christmas tree farm, add more trees of varying heights on the sides.

For smaller Christmas trees, keep the triangle 3-4 rows tall.

Continue adding trees to your heart's content.

Get the recipe for this white chocolate pomegranate cake at the link below!