Lemon Lavender Macarons



Flower-shaped lavender macaron shells are flavored with lavender buds and filled with lemony buttercream and fresh lemon curd.

Gather powdered and granulated sugar, eggs,

gel food coloring (optional), culinary lavender, almond flour,

unsalted butter, and lemon curd.

Grind the lavender with the granulated sugar in a mortar and pestle.

If you don't have a mortar and pestle, use a food processor.

Process or sift the almond flour and powdered sugar together, then set aside.

Separate the egg whites into the bowl of a stand mixer.

Whisk the egg whites on low until frothy, then sprinkle in the lavender sugar.

Increase the speed to medium, then whisk to stiff peaks.

Add three drops of violet gel food coloring here, if desired.

Add the almond flour mixture to the meringue and gently fold together.

Fold the mixture until the batter flows gently off a spatula and disappears back into the batter within 10-15 seconds.

Transfer the batter to a piping bag and pipe onto silicone mats or parchment paper.

Use my printable flower template for flower-shaped macarons!

Let the macarons rest until they look dull and form a thin skin.

This can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes.

Bake at 320°F/160°C for 10 minutes, until the centers have set.

Let the macarons cool completely before pairing them up.

Make the lemon buttercream:

Cream together butter, powdered sugar, and lemon curd.

Transfer the buttercream to a piping bag and pipe the buttercream onto the bottom of a macaron.

Fill the center with a dollop of lemon curd.

Place another macaron shell on top and press lightly to sandwich the cookie together.

This recipe has a cleanup rating of 4 out of 5, at  Gonna Take a While

Enjoy your lemon lavender macarons, just in time for spring and Easter!

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