Pizza Sauce from Tomato Paste

Easily customizable!

Pizza sauce couldn’t be easier or faster to make at home.

This makes a delicious red sauce for your pizza, pasta, or breadsticks—no cooking required!

Gather tomato paste, salt, pepper, water, olive oil, and some herbs.

I used rosemary, thyme, and basil here, but I have a list of recommended spices at the link below.

Add the seasonings, tomato paste, and half of the water to a bowl.

Stir together.

Add more water about a Tablespoon at a time until the sauce is your desired consistency.

Pour any leftovers into a jar and refrigerate for up to a week.

This recipe has a cleanup rating of 1 out of 5, at  Piece of Cake

Use this red sauce from tomato paste on top of pizza or pasta, and enjoy.

Get the recipe, tips & tricks, cleanup rating, and nutritional information via the link below!